Thursday, April 16, 2020

Quarantine Quesadilla's

Lockdown lunch never tasted so good. 'Quesadilla' my new favourite word, pronounce it how you like. Here's a little insight into what I've been munching on for lunch everyday this week.  I stole this Quesadilla recipe from Jamie Oliver and I change up the filling every time I make it. It's easy and delicious, so I had to share. I used tortilla wraps but you could always make your own wraps/flatbreads. Feel free to swap or change up the ingredients to suit your dietary requirements or for whatever you have in the fridge!

Recipe idea no.1
Wraps, cheese, parma ham, grated carrot, diced pepper, mushroom, pumpkin seeds, onion/spring onion, salt&pepper.

Recipe idea no.2 
(as seen in pictures)
Wraps, cheese, any tinned beans/pulses/lentils, spinach, avocado, chilli flakes, squeeze of lime, pinch of cumin & oregano, salt&pepper.

Cut, dice and chop ingredients as necessary.
Mix all ingredients into a large bowl leaving some cheese on the side. Place an even layer of the filling onto one wrap in a frying pan, add extra cheese onto the filling before placing your second wrap on top (this helps to stick the wraps and filling together) and pat down. On a medium heat cook both sides for 2-3 mins. Remove, slice and enjoy - dip in some ketchup if you fancy!


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