Thursday, April 23, 2020

What I'm Watching / TV NETFLIX FILMS

It's often easy to forget what we can watch in the evenings whilst in isolation, if you're like me you'll say 'there's nothing on!' So here's a list with some of the things I recommend and what I'm currently making my way through.
Who doesn't love a recommendation and I love a list.

Killing Eve - I adore this series. A spy- action thriller about two women who become obsessed with each other, an MI6 operative and Villanelle a psychopathic Russian assassin. Watch how they go head to head in a game of cat and mouse. Highly recommend.

Three Girls - Based on a true story, looking at the awful events of sexual abuse and trafficking that occurred between 2008 and 2012 in Rochdale. A shocking series, during which I had to take a moment and say, 'wow how did this actually happen'.

Others to try on BBCiplayer:
Our Girl
The Split
Noughts + Crosses

Prison Break - A serial crime drama. I've seen this series twice now it definitely keeps you on your toes, it's so addictive. The story revolves around Lincoln Burrows sentenced to death for a crime he didn't commit and his brother Michael Scofield who plans his escape.

Doctor Foster - A BBC drama now on Netflix about Dr Gemma Foster who suspects her husband is having an affair. We see how her life starts to unravel as she discovers untold truths.
More to try on Netflix:
The Stranger
Tiger King
Good Girls 
Dead to Me 
The Sinner 
The Last Dance
Money Heist
Happy Valley
The Longest Ride - I am one of those annoying people who'll re watch a film they love and this is one of them. It's a Nicholas Sparks best selling novel, so if you don't like a good rom-com, skip on! The Longest Ride is about a love affair between Luke, a professional bull rider and Sofia an art student about to take on her dream job in New York and how they meet an inspiring old man, Ira (the best part of this film is him).

The Pursuit of Happiness - This film is golden. Based on a true story of a homeless, single father, determined to succeed and struggling to make ends meet. Starring Will Smith alongside his real-life son Jaden. A must see.

Some other Film recommendations:
Safe Haven 
The Theory of Everything 
I, Tonya 
Sex and the City
He's just not that into you
She's out of my league

Hopefully there's something here you haven't seen and can try out! These recommendations are the best way to stay occupied and not spend the whole evening aimlessly scrolling through the whole of Netflix and ending up watching something you've seen 1000 times (we've all been there). 
Feel free to leave any more of your own recommendations below!


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