Friday, May 29, 2020

Perfect Poached Eggs Every Time / HOW TO

Tips to getting the perfect poached egg every time

1. Room temperature eggs - take them out of the fridge or leave them on the counter before cooking.
2. Sieve the egg - crack the egg carefully into a mini sieve over a cup, so you are left with the best part of the egg to cook (this gets rid of the watery excess)

3. Add a drop of lemon juice to the egg before dropping into the water - adding slight acidity will help it come together, if you don't have lemon, add a drop of vinegar in to the the boiling water. 
4. Use a large pan - this allows movement in the water, fill the pan with plenty of water, at least over half full.
5. Have the water simmering not boiling.
6. Carefully drop the egg from the cup into the water - pour it into the water gently so that it stays as one.
7. Time approximately 3 minutes until the egg has poached - they really don't take long to cook.
8. Use a large spoon with holes to fish out your poached egg - allowing your poached egg to drain from the water.

My final tip is to prepare your whole meal first before poaching your egg! Here I made smashed avocado on toast so that the egg can be placed on top and eaten straight away, waiting to get everything ready will only overcook your poachie.

Smashed Avocado
In a bowl mash 1 avocado with a fork with a squeeze of lime, salt and pepper, and top with chilli flakes.


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