Thursday, April 30, 2020

Another day at home / LOUNGEWEAR EDIT

Its not so bad when the sun is shining, you can spend a whole day outside doing exercise in the garden, reading a book or I like to just relax with a bikini on, iced coffee in hand, listening to some chilled music. The day seems to go so much quicker. But this week has been much harder because of the dull weather. I haven't been outside in days, so I thought I'd share a routine of stuff I like to do to feel a bit more alive and productive inside, when outside is miserable.


- It starts the night before, write a 'to do' list of around 10 things max

- Wake up and jump in the shower - before checking phone. 

- Pamper yourself, spend more time on your skin, lightly exfoliate and moisturise - I like to do this 2 to 3 times a week in between tanning. Use a leave-in conditioner in your hair.

- Put on some cosy loungewear, maybe a bit of makeup if it makes you feel good or even a face mask whilst you're make your morning coffee and breakfast (how I make mine)

- This is when you can check your phone, have a stretch, watch some TV or listen to a podcast.

- Then I'll get started on that 'to do' list. I've mainly been decluttering my life. Here are some examples of things I have achieved during lockdown:
Makeup and products - chuck out of date empty bottles
Under bed - get some good storage, anything else put in the loft
Clothes - put in a bin liner for charity or sell anything you've not worn in a year or two
Organise the fridge - What should be on each shelf  
Kitchen drawers/cupboards - organise into sections in boxes and jars
Laundry cupboard - donate old towels and sheets to animal shelters and local vets
Clear out and use up old shampoo and products
Sort through medicine box, any empty packets things you don't need
Emails - make folders for the important ones, delete junk
Clear laptop desktop and downloads
Sort your photos into albums - delete duplicated unnecessary pics

- Live workouts and classes on instagram, try to plan these around your day. Or if I've been scrolling through my feed mindlessly, I'll join in on a live class randomly throughout the day.

- Bake something. There's so much you can do! So far I've made, toblerone brownies, white chocolate and pecan brownies, pitta breads, flat breads, hot cross buns, pancakes, and next on my list is choux pastry to attempt profiteroles and eclairs. 

- In the evening I'll make dinner and probably do my nails, I've been giving myself a fresh set of gels almost once a week. You can get amazing at home kits on amazon.

- Then I like to watch a few episodes of a series (recommendations here) or if I'm bored of TV I'll do my night-time skincare routine, get into PJs and zoom my girlfriends. 

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